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£ 100,000
Capital Needed

£ 26,000

One unified digital advertising DSP with global reach. Buy ads for desktop, video, mobile, TV & radio (coming soon) & Facebook globally. Access to 98% RTB marketplaces, big data providers & unlimited re-targeting.

  • Access to 98% RTB marketplaces, big data providers & unlimited re-targeting
  • New ad technology of B2B video chat retargeting feature for marketplaces.
  • Billions of ad impressions served daily
  • Up to 55 global and local ad inventory partners
  • Excellent experienced team assembled in UK, US & India


27% Raised
£ 1,900,000
Capital Needed

£ 65,000

2WishU is a unique platform which enable you to attach a digital greeting to a physical gift.

  • The first in the world to connect digital greeting with physical presents.
  • October 8, 2013 the first prototype is out.
  • First approaches to major retailers in the South Americas countries
  • March 2015, ver. 2.2 is out and is reliable than ever
  • Advanced reseller panel
£ 220,000
Capital Needed

£ 50,000

Agro-Ecological is a specialist institutional asset manager with extensive experience in farmland management; in particular in the conversion of conventional farming activity to organic management.

  • NZ IP generating competitive advantage
  • Global scale opportunity
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable team in place
  • Actively engaged with large institutional offshore clients
  • AUM value has increased 30% in the last year.
£ 460,000
Capital Needed

£ 25,000

Pangaea Systems Australia has developed a revolutionary 10mm thick polymer enhanced cementitious compound that gives the appearance of polished concrete/terrazzo whilst still maintaining their characteristics.

  • Product achieving sales
  • Product displayed on renovating reality tv shows 'The Block' & 'House Rules
  • Several licensed applicators signed
  • Attributes far out way competition
  • Steady flow of quality inquiries
£ 1,000,000
Capital Needed

£ 10,000

Plan for is committed to ease out the complex jobs of event management in the Indian event industry and making it organized, process oriented by bringing all the services/products online under one platform.

  • Promising minimum 200% ROI
  • Cost transparency & cost effective for consumers
  • Open online platform for consumers to purchase event services/products.
  • First in market, no competitor within the scope
  • Multiple options for any kind of event services/products
£ 410,000
Capital Needed

£ 100,000

Concept of - * Low cost online platform for parking offer/discount advts. till the offer end date.* Online platform to park gift coupons * online platform to run loyalty programs.* online platform to sell products

  • No such product available as on date
  • User can book the offer unlike Print, Radio and TV ads.
  • The offer advt. is live till the offer end date
  • One place to know all the offers in the city and buy
  • Very low cost for the advertiser
£ 100,000
Capital Needed

£ 5,400

I have successfully raised R1,590,000 and i am looking to raise the final R350,000(can be smaller amounts too). We have already turned over R200,000 in our first month. ROI offered of 24% over 1 year.

  • We achieved over R200,000 turnover in our first month.
  • The business and i have been featured in Financial mail, Moneyweb and more
  • Strong reputation and values
  • No risk as i will sign personally for the funds
  • Good return on investment of 24%
£ 150,000
Capital Needed

£ 25,000

We need your support for EzyDrain - A retro fit plumbing product suitable for floor waste drains, water tanks and pit grates. The product stops bad smells, bugs, drain flies, suds rising, is chemical free yet kills airborne bacteria and disease.

  • Patented and patent pending world wide
  • Debt free company which owns its own tooling
  • Economy version commencing to extend the range and lower retail prices
  • Product is ready for retail or commercial sales
  • A green product using no chemicals
£ 320,000
Capital Needed

£ 13,000

Kolwah Investments is a privately owned investment company specializing in exotic and rare game species, which offers our investors exceptional financial returns.

  • State-of-the-Art breeding facilities and infrastructure
  • Scientifically formulated feed for optimal growth
  • Specialized expertise, daily feeding and management
  • Supply superior quality breeding bull
  • Registering and filing of all DNA records
£ 590,000
Capital Needed

£ 590,000

A French team with a common passion (horse riding) was led to reflect on flies and their problems. They then devised an innovative process to control their proliferation using an environmental approach by biological and natural composition.

  • Patents are valued at €800,000, orders received for 100,000 units
  • Prototype ready, 50 samples placed in farms and events
  • Our next biotech product anti-mosquitoes is ready
  • Big pharma offered €14M for the complete technology
  • Our team is professional, strong, dynamic, enthusiastic & forward thinking

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