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£ 2,000
Capital Needed

£ 4

Raising money for a social cause- Screening of banned documentary India's daughter in Auckland, New Zealand on 16 August 2015

  • To mobilize resources to help women in need in India and New Zealand.
  • To create awareness about sexual violence and the mindset within the societ
  • Panel discussion with Leslee Udwin herself
£ 290,000
Capital Needed

£ 99,000

Creative Agency specialized in web brand building, designing, social media & lot more. Obsessed with its mouthwateringly effective & creative services.

  • We have achieved Best Social Media Campaign Certification by Mercedes Benz
  • We are a Facebook certified agency
  • Founder associated with social media since its inception in India
  • Our strategy and media planning for brands make us unique
  • We have worked with leading clients worldwide
£ 2,100,000
Capital Needed

£ 730,000

We want to build the biggest online gaming business in Europe; a website offering a vast range of profitable entertainment like, slot machines, sports betting, chess, live casino and much more. Please contact me for more info. Business plans attached.

  • Already have a plan with best the providers
  • Experienced team
  • Very high ROI
  • HQ: London
  • Launch time: only three months
£ 24,000
Capital Needed

£ 190

We deal in smart gadgets that we have researched, imported and even changed some of the specifications to meet requirements of people living around us. We deal in fitness gadgets and GPS trackers, power banks and lost item trackers, Smart (Connected) LED

  • We have products that are ready to be sold in the market
  • We look forward to Solar Debut with Rooftop & Water Body Installations
  • We have already sold 250+ Smart Gadgets in 2015
  • We have been profitable for the last 1 year, working prototype of Gadgets
  • We also will be investing in Organic Farming By Leased Land 4R&D
£ 97,000
Capital Needed

£ 13,000

Nos enfocamos en medir el comportamiento de compra del shopper a través del servicio de diferentes tecnologías, dándole sentido a la información de acuerdo a las necesidades específicas de cada empresa.

  • El primer año vendimos 41.666 dolares
  • Clientes; Walmart -Parque Arauco-Tottus-Metro-Nestlé
  • Tecnología con poca competencia
  • Representaciones únicas con Francia, España y Brasil
  • Conversaciones con Perú y Colombia
£ 120,000
Capital Needed

£ 46,000

When.Is? App - download events from a database of thousands, create calendars, share calendars. One stop shop to find When anything Is on (iOS version complete, Android version due in end Aug2015). Buy into a finished product. Bring your marketing skills.

  • Apple version on the market (Android within the month)
  • Realistically has true global potential with many profitable niche areas
  • Holding current Aus Trademarks
  • Committed and skilled co-founders
£ 11,000
Capital Needed

£ 460

To build a Youth Retreat for disengaged youths, to encourage the resilience to survive and give them the tools to thrive in this world in which they feel they don't belong.

  • I own the land where this project is to take place
  • I have run a Photographic Business for 30 years
  • I have run a Function Centre for 8 years
  • I have the backing of Professionals who will refer youths to me
  • I have the passion and know how to make this a success
£ 19,000
Capital Needed

£ 9,900

Wizfactory is a design & web development agency located in Lucknow, India with both Indian and International client base. Team of 8 people. Profitable business which is growing at steady rate with 40% NetProfit of total Turnover in 2014-15.

  • Profitable Company
  • 50% Repeat clients
  • Highly Creative & Reliable
  • Need funds for better infrastructure, expansion of team and marketing.
  • Passionate team
£ 110,000
Capital Needed

£ 46,000

Open House ID is a QR-code scanning app for Real Estate agents to collect visitors' personal details at Open Homes. A 2 second scan collects accurate data which then syncs automatically via Cloud to the agent's CRM, saving time for everyone.

  • Open House ID is fully functional and operating in the market.
  • Numerous meetings with industry portals showing interest
  • Over 6,000 users registered
  • On both iOS and Android Platforms
  • Continuing integrations with industry CRMs
£ 230,000
Capital Needed

£ 23,000

New technologies around big data and analytics create a new business opportunity not explored at a scale. We want to propose a Data Market in which companies can put their data up for sales or purchase raw data and in-house developed insights/reports.

  • We address the hot market of Big Data and analytics
  • New market for a new service
  • Senior lead team / management roles on top consulting firms
  • Partnership opportunity for a hands-on IT\Data driven investor
  • Platform with worldwide growth potential

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