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£ 4,100,000
Capital Needed

£ 280,000

MTT AG develops and produces hardware and software information security products for private, corporate and government users. Currently, MTT AG offers 23 unique data cryptographic security products. Many products are the only solutions of the kind.

  • Products are used in 64 countries
  • $30 million invested in the project already
  • Hardware is manufactured in South Korea and Malaysia
  • 5,000 StealthPhone Hard units to be marketed soon. CE certified.
  • Covered Sectors: Private, Corp, Government, Financial, Military, etc.
£ 93,000
Capital Needed

£ 2,300

WotSpot Now is an app that connects US college students who like to party to the happening clubs, on the spot using a unique algorithm to gather real time data from various sources

  • Full product research and scoping completed.
  • $50,000 AUD capital already raised.
  • College and brand ambassadors selected and in place waiting for launch.
£ 350,000
Capital Needed

£ 7,000

Die Revolution in der Medizin Technik hat mit diesem neu entwickeltem Medizin-Produkt begonnen. Das zeigen nicht nur die Studien die diese einzigartige Wirkungsweise beweisen, sondern vielmehr der effektive Einsatz in der Praxis.

  • Innovativer, technologischer Vorsprung 7-9 Jahre!!!
  • Bereits 30 Stk. des neuen Modells verkauft, über 150 Neuinterssenten
  • Konkurrenzlos
  • Weltweit patentiert
  • Boomender absatzmarkt in der alternativmedizin
£ 350,000
Capital Needed

£ 10,000

Aaron T S D Pvt Ltd registered under RoC Gwalior from June 2012

  • Agreement of 3+ years with MP Police
  • Project is in working State
  • Municiple Corporation Gwalior as a Client
  • ITM University is one of the Client
  • Generated 8000+ Notices
£ 35,000
Capital Needed

£ 7,000

Le marché des séniors est en plein essor. Celui de l'hébergement et des services est à peine effleuré (1%). Nous développons une enseigne concernant la réalisation et l'exploitation de résidences de services.

  • Un risque aval (locatif) réduit à zéro
  • Une avancée technologique et sociale
  • Une tarification favorisant l'adhésion des séniors
£ 380,000
Capital Needed

£ 32,000

Our project requires the purchase of heavy equipment for a contracting company. We are specialized in Roads, Bridges, Governmental Projects.

  • Requested Amount $600,000 to Purchase 5 trucks.
  • 5 Truck's Monthly Revenues $52,000
  • Each truck makes $10,400 Monthly while it costs $80,000
  • We Already Have Contracts, That Make This Amount of Profits Monthly
  • Accepting Offer from Investors
£ 110,000
Capital Needed

£ 700
Minimum is a growing company in the rising sport and supplements industry, with a niche for high quality and unique expert knowledge in products.

  • Unique Knowledge
  • High Precentage recurring customers
  • Ambassadors like the swedish national Team in beach volley
£ 750,000
Capital Needed

£ 2,500

Liciapoint offers a limited investment opportunity for investors to be involved in the fast growing social media industry. 80% of available equity already sold. Returns of between 100% and 200% more than possible. Contact us for explanation.

  • Minimum investment R50 000
  • Maximum investment R5 000 000
  • Dividends are paid preferential - before anything else is paid.
  • Dividends paid monthly by means of predetermined formula.
  • We will launch not later than 1 July 2015
£ 960,000
Capital Needed

£ 32,000

Purchasing a factory and raw materials to fulfil a secured business contract with the government.

  • Requested Amount $1,500,000
  • Invested $400,000 in a previous Round.
  • We have a Contract to Sell up to $500,000 Once the Factory Runs
  • The Loan + Interest Will be Repaid in 2 Years Maximum.
  • Accepting Equity or Dept Financing.
£ 70,000
Capital Needed

£ 7,000

El Público Gay gasta hasta un 47% más en consumos de turismo y ocio que el público general. Herramienta APP móvil y web que monetiza los consumos del público Gay y canaliza la oferta del público gay mientras recoge la información de gustos del usuario.

  • Público y empresa ha validado nuestro modelo, está ya funcionando
  • Alteraremos el modelo de negocio y mercado de la competencia
  • España es uno de los destinos favoritos del Turismo Gay +6000000 al año
  • Contacto constante con el usuario,pulsar opinión de nuestra app ycompetenci...
  • Diferenciación constante aunque la competencia pivote o nos copie el modelo...

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