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£ 300,000
Capital Needed

£ 25,000

We are a gold mining company holding access to substantial mining concessions in Colombia. We have completed our exploration and engineering analysis and are ready to begin production to produce 100,000 ounces of gold per year.

  • Mining concession #1 is 3,800 hectares
  • Exploration program completed with good results
  • Engineering analysis completed.
  • Full funding package in place to allow start of production
  • Production initially 100,000 gold per year
£ 530,000
Capital Needed

£ 6,700
Minimum gives retailers, wholesalers and service providers such as suppliers, manufacturers, freelancers and more the opportunity to trade faster globally, expand their growth using our all in one B2B/B2C social-commerce platform.

  • We have a working prototype now with active users
  • Already recorded over 4300 registered users in few months
  • We have high profile clients from many countries
  • We partner with Payoneer, Aerospike and many global companies for success
  • Excellent team with over 100 years combined experience
£ 210,000
Capital Needed

£ 3,200

We have developed a website that brings together movie aspirants and movie makers.

  • The website is established and growing strongly with our own resources
  • Movie registrants from over 102 countries
  • Site visits from 209 countries and 8,385 cities
£ 3,000,000
Capital Needed

£ 220,000

Se trata de un motel boutique en Guadalajara jalisco unico en su clase habitaciones de lujo y tematicas con unas utilidades mensuales de $ 140,000 dolares

  • 20 años de experiencia en moteles y hoteles
  • gerente general y administrador a lo largo de 20 años
  • trabaje en el segundo mejor motel de Guadalajara
  • Ese motel crece desde su apertura mes con mes
  • El mercado para ese negocio es muy grande en la ciudad
£ 130,000
Capital Needed

£ 8,600

We provide Auto Care Service but our speciality is indoor air quality.

  • Profitable in 1st year
  • 20% better air cleaning than competitors
  • High EBIT return, Preparing IPO in year 4
  • Patent Pending
  • With unbeatable business model
£ 3,200,000
Capital Needed

£ 32,000

We are into website designing and branding activities and award winning company in South Mumbai. We want to build up an event on our client base of metal manufacturing and trading business. It will be a global event.

  • Returns upto 100% in 1 year on your Investment
  • Having a good database of Sponsors
  • 700-1000 Stalls from India and Other Countries to be sold
  • 100% Risk Free Concept
  • B2B2E is a win win concept for Manufacturer, Trader and Fabricator
£ 1,200,000
Capital Needed

£ 120,000

Calidad Exploration Services is current a going concern in the exploration drilling industry. We are developing an underground rig that is flexible, environmentally sound. We are young growing concern with many ideas to develop.

  • Completed drafting of design
  • Commencing the construction of the prototype
  • We are at the planning stage of our sales campaign
  • Our team is highly experienced
  • Large number of potential clients
£ 18,000
Capital Needed

£ 18,000

Karamaya Partnership produces organic black garlic paste from the organic garlic we grow. We intend to produce black garlic/fruit toppings and mousses, chocolates, and a black garlic porter.

  • Unique product in NZ
  • High level of interest from international clients
  • $15,000 sales since start Sept 2014
  • World class quality
£ 1,300,000
Capital Needed

£ 670,000

I am looking for an investor, who would like to invest some money in an energy business. To be more precise, I plan to open a generating station using the solar panels to reclaim the energy from the sun. The business is 100% profitable and without any ris

  • The business is 100% profitable and without any risk
  • The time to get back all costs is 5-7 years
  • Guaranteed contract for 15 years with the Institute of Energy
  • Guaranteed price by the Polish government
  • More opportunity to invest
£ 2,100,000
Capital Needed

£ 100,000

HiSense Global is a FMCG company having its head office in New Delhi. We import, market and retail olive oil, pasta, green tea, soya chunks and a variety of pulses from Australia, China, Myanmar as well as from the domestic market under our own brand.

  • Already supplying to major modern trade chains like Walmart, Savemax...
  • International hotel chains like Taj Group,Taj Sats Air Catering, Pullman...
  • Sales force of 50 employees
  • Have 5 super stockists and 25 distributors
  • Achieved a turnover of INR 9.5 crores in 2014
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