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£ 1,200,000
Capital Needed

£ 31,000

We have filed patent applications for removal of empty seats in aircrafts prior to take off, modular & foldable seats, quick release/attach mechanism. This will reduce weight of aircraft, reduce fuel consumption (More Than $2Billion/yr) & carbon emissions

  • Savings of more than 2 Billion USD worth of JetFuel every year
  • Reduce aircraft weight by 1%-2% (600-800 kgs)
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Reduced air fares for passengers
  • Reduced cost of operation for airlines i.e. more profits
£ 72,000
Capital Needed

£ 36,000

Aplicación móvil de mensajería social geolocalizada (mensajería instantánea + red social). Conecta con usuarios cercanos sin tener su número de teléfono, conversa con amigos o con otras personas... Una nueva forma de comunicación.

  • Más de 6000 descargas
  • Proyecto validado por el CEEI (Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación)
  • Startup seleccionada para participar en el Startup Grind de Google
  • Uno de los líderes del mercado en Costa Rica y top 500 en España
  • Valoración superior a 4 sobre 5 en Google Play
£ 4,400,000
Capital Needed

£ 37,000

We are a fashion brand garment in India . We expect to buy a new cie in Europe that has existed since 1992. a brand garment Ready to wear clothing for women with strong identity. 1500 clients in the world. Selling in 30 countries : great potential

  • 1,500 clients in the world across 30 countries
  • Selling in the top high street chains in Europe
  • Excellent experienced team assembled
  • Nominated for fashion award
  • Turnover between 4-5 million euros
£ 50,000
Capital Needed

£ 12,000

We require funding to launch our sales operation, further capital will be raised which will be utilised to pay back the initial investors with a 40% roi within 6 months, or 60% 6-12 months.

  • We are generating sales
  • Ongoing revenue model
  • Exciting product development planned
  • We have strong industry support
  • International Market opportunities
£ 1
Capital Needed

£ 65,000

Maritime Security Solutions provider for the Shipping industry. Counter Piracy and Armed and Unarmed Defense Solutions.

  • Established for 4 years
  • Tax free status
  • Existing long term clients
  • proven Operational structure
  • Fully licensed
£ 5000000+
Capital Needed

£ 5000000+

Lucrative real estate investment projects in the Caribbean to create an investment vehicle to hold strategic property assets with tremendous income producing abilities.

  • Property investment group
  • Ideal location and accessibility
  • DPG will like to introduce a concept of taking advantage of structures equi
  • Real Estate portfolio
  • Real Estate projects-business plans
£ 820,000
Capital Needed

£ 320,000

OSA is an only Bio-based/Biodegradable plastic manufacturer in Vietnam. Our products are based on Tapioca starch which is verified as OK-Biobased by Vincottoe, Belgium, and is fully Biodegradable. Our expected products of 2015 is compostable products.

  • No competitor in Vietnam
  • The main material (starch) is cheap and available in Vietnam
  • Production cost is low in Vietnam
  • The market demand of Bio plastic is increasing.
  • Product selling price is very attractive
£ 32,000
Capital Needed

£ 4,800

La nueva facebook, la red social que cambiara al mundo, esta en este proyecto sin duda alguna, un sin fin de ideas innovadoras y estilo único y moderno que hará que cualquiera que entre se quede, se imagina 10 redes sociales en una misma?.

  • Ideas innovadoras nunca antes vistas en redes sociales
  • Un mercado inicial muy potencial y aprovechable
  • Ganancia promedio de 900% sobre gastos mensuales
  • Tendencia al cambio de redes sociales
£ 490,000
Capital Needed

£ 12,000

Where: In the heart of the Rotorua Tourist District Situated in 110 Hectares of Native Forest. Projected Gross Earnings first full year: $2 million. Number of visitors the first full year 50,000 Amount of finance needed $1,000,000 .

  • Full Business Plan and Estimates available
  • 30 year lease negotiated from D o C
  • Resource Consent in place
  • We will be cash positive after first year
  • We need a switched on CEO
£ 100,000
Capital Needed

£ 7,200

Somos una compañía STARTUP que ha creado una plataforma de internet que se especializa en ofrecer todo tipo de alquileres y muchos más servicios. Buen concepto de franquicias para cubrir todo el mercado español.

  • ¿Porque comprar, si puedes alquilar?
  • Buena inversión, buen nombre comercial
  • Más de 100 Páginas web y APP´s en 5 idiomas
  • Posicionamiento bueno en Google
  • Ya con más de 3.200 descargas de APP'S
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