The Coronavirus Startup Survival Guide / How To Avoid Getting Burnout Whilst Working From Home

How to avoid getting a burnout whilst working from home:

If you are as exhausted as I am by the growing number of motivational online posts meant to keep us “occupied” throughout this lockdown, the 5 easy steps below might just be the right tool you need during these testing times.

You are a human being not a “human doing”

Hopefully by now most of you would’ve already noticed that the most common “solution” which we’re offered by bloggers and motivational speakers isn’t actually doing us any good. Namely, you don’t need to try all these new things out there to make a great use of your time at home. If you sit for a second and think about it, you were quite likely at the verge of burning the candle on both ends even before this lockdown. So, with that in mind, would you decide to put more pressure on yourself instead of focusing on tying up some loose ends in your life?

Start only the projects that you can finish

How do you do that? Pour a cup of hot beverage, sit down and write a small list of the projects you started back in January (maybe as part of your New Year’s resolution) and check if it’s manageable to finish at least 1-2 of these projects in the next month. Doing this will not only remove part of the internal chaos that we’re all experiencing right now but it will also create a sense of stability. You’re now on the path of achieving something you wanted to do before the current situation occurred and there’s going to be plenty of time for you to rest, meditate or even stare at the ceiling for few moments a day.

Focus on yourself and your immediate family

Now that you have some extra time on your hands, it’s not a bad idea to dedicate it on rebuilding the relationship with yourself, your partner and perhaps your family. I am a big believer that it’s no coincidence the whole world has hit “pause” at the same time, giving us a once in a lifetime chance to address everything on an emotional level that we were neglecting due to other pressing matters. Also, as tempting as it is to “stay social”, maybe you actually need a break from Instagram or your phone! If you used to see your friend, Amanda, once a month for a quick coffee, you shouldn’t be pressured to FaceTime her every 2-3 days during the quarantine, just because you are at home. Be selective with your social contacts and work on the relationships in your life that need further development.

Surrender to the flow

I know that many of us are experiencing difficulties due to the current market situation or that we feel discomfort by being locked in our houses. But hey, if you keep being frustrated, continue to drink on a daily basis to amuse yourself or think about all the things going wrong in your life, will anything change? We’re all faced with the opportunity to let go from the need to control for once and start enjoying the little things in life! The weather is amazing, you have a garden or balcony to sit and enjoy the sunlight, right, that’s already plenty to be grateful for.

Reduce your “On Screen Time”

Last but not least, we should try not to spend the majority of our day in front of the screen. I know many of you might’ve extended your working hours, either because you’re facing an uncertain financial situation or just because you want to “kill some time”. Don’t fall into that trap, you need some spare time to engage in the activities listed above. Focus on your wellbeing and this will not only increase your productivity but make you feel way more content. Try to eat healthier, maybe go for a run in the park during your lunch break and find some “me time”. Hold space for yourself and your dreams, because before we achieve anything, we need to visualise it and feel the joy from having it in our life.

Good luck & stay safe,


By Maria Kostadinova
Age: 26
Occupation: Health and Wellness Coach
Handle: @mariakstinov
Website: lov3library.com

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