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Our Entrepreneur Events

Angel Investment Network's events offer the chance to meet with us and our investors face to face. Read below to find out more or click here or here to see some pictures of our events.

Pitching Events

These are a great opportunity for you to meet investors, discuss your business and hopefully take some steps towards getting the funding your company needs. Business is done when people meet face to face; and our fun, relaxed format can create a real buzz about you and your business.

How does it work?

You and 4 other other startups will each deliver a short 8-minute pitch to a room of the UK's leading Angel Investors. We will help you prepare your pitch in the run-up to the event to ensure that you know exactly what to say and how to say it. After your pitch there will be a complimentary feast of drinks and canapés while investors are invited to circulate and chat with the companies that particularly interested them. It's really informal and fun. Plus we've got some great companies funded through it!

What do people think?


Lucinda Croft, MD of Dragons of Walton Street, raised £300,000 at one of our events: "Having been nervous for a week and carrying round the notes from Angel Investment Network, when the night arrived I felt nervous but ready...I got 9 business cards and one of them is my new investor! I am very grateful for such a great forum and I highly recommend the evening to anyone!"

Mitesh Patel, MD of Lenstore, raised £300,000 from one of our events“Your event was fantastic, well organised, and the help I received putting together my pitch was invaluable..... I was extremely impressed with the amount and the quality of investors. Thank you for your help and I’ll be publicising AIN and your pitching events to everyone I meet! “

Luke Heron, CEO & Founder at bypost.com "Really good event...I have attended a few of these and the quality of the line-up was better than any other I have been to. Really engaging businesses with good people (and nice! Loved the PJ guys) behind them. Great entertainment. Also the 6 minute pitches is perfect. So many events could learn from last night. Absolutely brilliant..."


Who are the investors attending the events? Most of the investors are business angels and private investors, consisting of company directors, entrepreneurs, retired executives, etc.  They also include: family funds, investment groups, representatives of high-net worth individuals and venture capital companies.

How do I know the investors will be interested in my pitch? The investors at our event are interested in a wide range of investments.  They tend to be more interested in a solid business idea and profitable venture than any specific industry.  They are interested in both start-up and mature businesses and their investment levels tend to range from £10,000 to £1,000,000 (and higher for venture capital firms). 

How long does it last? The event lasts for 2 to 3 hours so there is plenty of time to chat with investors and arrange follow up meetings.

How much does it cost? We charge nothing upfront. We take a success fee from the funds raised through our investors.

How do i get to pitch?

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