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Angel Investment & Venture Capital News

UK seed capital tax breaks distract from more pressing tasks

he Treasury’s consultation document, Tax-advantaged venture capital schemes, examining tax breaks for certain start-up businesses with high growth potential, has been met with scepticism by the Institute of Directors.

Specifically, the Business Angel Seed Investment Scheme (BASIS) which encourages angel investors to invest in incipient businesses, is particularly contentious. Growth, argue the institute, must be promoted across ...

Vince Cable urges British business to explore non-bank funding

British businesses should look for funding outside the banking sector, Business Secretary Vince Cable has said, marking the latest effort to generate growth among small-and medium-sized businesses.

Faced with a barely growing economy, the government has targeted smaller companies as a major source of growth and has introduced reforms to encourage start-ups and make it easier for existing businesses to expand.

"Britain's busi...

New Fund Seeks to Fill Gap Between Seed and Series A

A new fund aimed at funding early-stage companies in Europe from Paris to Stockholm was launched Wednesday, a founding partner of London-based Hoxton Ventures told The Wall Street Journal.

The $40 million fund, funded solely by private money, aims to find “companies that can scale into very large businesses,” said the partner, Hussein Kanji. Hoxton Ventures is already active in Stockholm, Berlin, Paris and, increasingly,...

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Business Plans & Pitching

8 questions you should ask yourself before pitching your startup

So you’ve had the next big idea, or your startup’s been going along quietly for a little while. Now you’re ready to take it out into the big bad world. If you find yourself asking “Umm…what next?” you’re not alone.

If you’re in an emerging market like South Africa, knowing what to do next is getting easier, but it’s still not as easy as it might be in a more traditional market. Sure there are a growing number of...

6 Common Mistakes When Writing a Business Plan

Every business has to have a business plan. Yes, even your dog walking business or handmade crafts business. Writing a business plan will help you pack your creative ideas into a tight bundle of figures, predictions, and dollar signs that will keep you on the right path as an entrepreneur. Plus, a great business plan will get investors on your side. Sadly, many entrepreneurs don’t know how to write a practical business plan, so they ...

8 Tips For Successfully Pitching Investors


“It’s a rookie error for an entrepreneur to pitch an investor with the equivalent of a product tour. Investors are usually more interested in the big picture — your vision for your business, why they’ll be a good match, and how your company will return their money handsomely. If your slide deck or in-person presentation seems to linger too long on touring your site or ...

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Fund Raising

5 Tips for Attracting Angel Investors

What do you do when you have a great business idea, but don't have the money to fund it? While some entrepreneurs turn to small business loans or crowdfunding, others seek out angel investors, individuals or groups of individuals who invest in startups in exchange for an equity share of the company.

An angel investor is an attractive funding option for startups that are too small to attract venture capitalists, who generall...

5 Trick Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Answer Before Asking For Money

From a venture capitalist’s point of view, there are no “trick” questions. However, certain questions can be tricky for an entrepreneur to answer.

Below are five common questions an entrepreneur will encounter when seeking venture funding. These questions, which manifest themselves in numerous forms, all share a common underlying objective: to divine your motivations, expectations and desires. Handled appropriately, these qu...

10 Tips for Startups Raising Money from Angels

This summer, I had the pleasure to be a mentor at the Entrepreneurship Summer School, an elective at London Business School (my alma mater) where students are tasked with testing whether their startup ideas can turn into a fundable business over the course of three months. I could write a whole post on the 7-D model students follow (and I probably will) but I’d like to focus on a lecture at the end of the course, by a UK-based angel i...

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Marketing & Social Media

Top Five Internet Marketing Strategies for the Entrepreneur by Business from the Kitchen T...

Business from the Kitchen Table founder Daniel J. Thorley today has released his five best internet marketing strategies for the entrepreneur and business owner.

From a kitchen table amidst the coffee cups and bagels, Thorley runs his online business helping aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their own businesses. And with multiple websites, a successful e-newsletter and online sales of his own information products Daniel has five top...

Why Social Media Is One Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy

Customer care professionals are challenged these days to identify and resolve customers’ issues through an ever-increasing array of communication channels. They want to know: How can I make my customers happy and bolster our brand?

The service professional has always played a critical role in driving positive customer experiences. Often the service professional is the only human touch point to the customer. Today’s social cu...

A Checklist for Bloggers

Want some more traction on your blog? Here are 6 components every blog post should have:

1. It's written for people.

Yes, SEO and key-wording are incredibly important, but if no one wants to read it then what's the use of Google finding it? Avoid tactics like keyword stuffing. Not only are search engines recognizing some of these "black hat" tactics and punishing sites, they generally detract from the enjoyment or readabilit...

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Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship

Startup Britain: a report card

Three months after the launch of Startup Britain, we revisit the scheme to see whether this "startup's startup" is delivering the goods.

It's been a quarter since Startup Britain started to beat the drum of British enterprise. We ask: how is Startup Britain doing?

Startup Britain was launched on March 28, 2011 and immediately created a firestorm of media coverage. Generally welcomed by the press and the entrepreneurial commu...

Top 20 Twitter Accounts for the Entrepreneur to Follow

Whether you are a social, serial, or lifestyle entrepreneur it is important to keep up with general business and industry trends. We have gathered together a list of the top 20 Twitter feeds to inspire, challenge, entertain, and educate you.

Robert Kiyosaki - @TheRealKiyosaki Investor, Entrepreneur, Financial Education Advocate and Bestselling Author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad seriesFollow him for inspiration in 140 characters or l...

15 inspirational quotes for business owners

Over the years I've collected hundreds of snippets of advice and inspiration. As someone running a small business, I find quotations often spark my thinking, provide motivation or remind me of a truth in a memorable way. In the age of Twitter, everyone's used to carving thoughts down to only 140 characters, but since I have a little more room, I'll expand my thoughts on a few quotes to inspire you. •"Energy comes from enthusiasm...

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